Picture6Do you wonder what to wear with a maxi dress; or how to make a maxi dress flattering?

Maxi dresses are fantastic for a summer day. They’re cool, billowing & give you coverage from the blazing sun. There’s one downside to a maxi though; often the billowing design looses your shape completely. That’s alright if you‘re a size 8; you can get away with a bit of extra width. For everyone else, I’ll show you how to have your maxi & look fab in it too!

The key ingredient to a great shaped maxi dress, is in the final fitted layer. Even in summer you can find lightweight jackets, cardigans & over-tops that work to give you shape.

Picture4This faux leather cropped & fitted vest is a perfect layering piece for any maxi dress. You can look for any short sleeved, 3/4 sleeved fitted & cropped jackets, vests or cardigans & get the same result. This vest works because it gives you shape around your top half due to the garment having a tailored cut. It pulls the dress in where you need it on your midriff, giving you back a waist that you loose in the dress alone.

Picture3Denim is always a good choice teamed with a maxi dress, because it goes with the casualness of the dress. Any denim vest or jacket will work; the key is to make sure it’s fitted, so that you get shape over your billowing dress. Look for a 3/4 or short sleeved denim jacket if you want more of your arms covered. You don’t have to go for denim either, any casual fitted vest will do or a casual style jacket if you prefer. Girls with large upper arms will also find freedom from strappy dresses when teamed with a denim vest like this. The thicker shoulder style of the vest flatters larger arms, than thin spaghetti straps.

Picture2Keep the boho feel with your maxi dress by choosing a slightly longer style vest with a waterfall opening. A fringed vest or short sleeved jacket will also work here. Even though you have the frills at the opening, if your vest is in a tailored style it will give you the shape needed for your dress.

Picture1Colour always works when teaming an outer layer with a dress. A wrap or tie style cardigan can cinch in your waist creating shape on an otherwise shapeless dress. These sorts of cardigans can be found in all kinds of styles form short sleeved, 3/4 sleeved or long sleeved. They also come in a mesh fabric (perfect for summer), a stretch fabric or a knitted fabric. Really any cardi or over-top that ties, hooks or wraps will give great shape to a billowing maxi dress.Picture7

This is one of may favourite outfits to wear during summer. A colourful, billowing maxi dress, is both easy to wear & cool enough when it’s hot. I found this really fabulous boho style tie top at a local boutique. It cinches me in at my midriff & creates shape to a big, puffy maxi. I’m covered, comfortable & loving the floaty style of this dress, yet I don’t look like I’m wearing a sack, because of the over-top. A maxi dress looks great when teamed with a wedge sandal; however a ballet flat, thong or flat sandal works just as well. If your feeling like a bit of summer bling a beaded sandal or thong will do the trick.

Happy summer maxi dressing; see you can have your maxi & look fabulous in it too!