Picture1Packing for holidays is hard enough & top it all off with a shape that can be difficult to dress, it’sPicture3 easy to over pack. When you are an apple you may find it’s hard to just pack a base selection of tops, skirts, trousers & jeans that can mix & match together. This is the ideal travel wardrobe; a couple of tops that can go with your skirts, trousers & shorts can take you to numerous occasions, just with a little tweak. If you are like me, you may find the top that goes nicely with your skirt does not work at camouflaging your midriff when teamed with your trousers or jeans. The draping kaftan tops that work with your skinny jeans, doesn’t go with your skirt. I find I have to take separate outfits that work together. This does not equate well with light, travel packing!


While on holiday recently to New Zealand I had a bit of a nosy around the shopping districts & I discovered some fantastic NZ labels that work well for Picture2a holiday wardrobe. These particular labels have pieces that flatter most body shapes & they are made with fabrics that travel well in a suitcase. For an apple shape you need clothing that drapes nicely around your body, to show off your womanly figure, while gently skimming your tummy.

I’ve picked a few pieces from stores & boutiques I visited in New Zealand. Good labels to look out for that design with the draping style are; Jean Jones, Pepper, Suduce (middle to high price range), Repoirture, @emgirl (higher price ranges).

Picture5The Draping Tunic:

These are my favourite go to pieces for any casual /lounge wear outfit. They are comfy, usually colourful with interesting patterns, prettily decorated & very forgiving. I’m very fond of the Kaftan look & have loads of versions hanging in my wardrobe. When you find a style though that’s a little different grab it! Picture4That’s what I love about this particular tunic from Jean Jones. It’s cut with soft tailoring to give it shape & 3/4 balloon style sleeves. It drapes like a Kaftan would but it’s cut a bit differently. The soft fabric travels well, is easy to wash & dries quickly. Wear it with skinny trousers, jeans or leggings & a tank top underneath. You can layer a long sleeve fitted t-shirt underneath in cooler weather or chuck on a fitted blazer or denim jacket. You can also wear it with light weight wider legged trousers in warm weather when you are out & about but want to stay covered from the sun. The only tip I would advise here is that you belt the middle. Very important proportion wise so as not to appear frumpy. By belting the middle you pull the tunic in at the waist giving more of a fitted look.

STYLE NOTE: the rule of thumb when teaming pieces is; if its looser on the top, it needs to be slimmer on the bottom; if it’s looser on the bottom, it needs to be slimmer on top.

Picture7Picture6The Change Up Dress:

Picture13Another piece from Jean Jones that can be worn in a different number of ways is this black ruched dress. Wear if for Casual with the skirt part pulled up. Team it with skinny jeans or trousers, leggings, light weight trousers or wear it on it’s own as is. You can choose ballet flats sandals or thongs for your feet. Unhook the skirt & your have a gorgeous black draping dress that can take you out for the evening. Teamed with a statement necklace, tied over-top or shrug, embellished sandals or thongs & you have an outfit that can take you to dinner or dancing. Again the fabric travels well…so no iron required!


Picture8The Draping Top:

I think by now, you are getting an idea of the sorts of styles that suit the apple shape…draping! This is also the perfect style for a top. Anything that drapes around the body giving shape & showing off curves whilst skimming the midriff is perfect! Because these tops are shorter in length they are great to team with shorts, as well as trousers. This top by Seduce ruches up the front so it gives nice draping as well as shape. The floral top by pepper has it’s fabric pleated and is tailored in a semi-fitted way. The equates to skimming & shape over the midriff. Both can be worn as tops & then undone to be worn as lightweight jackets. Multi way wearing is essential for holiday packing! The other option is to find a kaftan top. Exactly the same as a regular kaftan but it is shorter. Team this kind of top with skinny leg shorts or capris so as to keep the proportions balanced.

Picture9The Tie Jacket or Cardigan:Picture10

Even during summer you can get cooler days or nights. It’s great to have something you can through on over a summer top. I love any jacket or cardigan that ties at the waist. This is perfect for any apple shape as it cinches you in giving shape to your torso, yet skims over the problem tummy. Of course these sorts of garments can be found with either long or shorter sleeves.



Picture11The Perfect Skinny Dress:

As a little extra style note, I have managed to find the flattering skinny dress for an apple. Now this will require a bit of shape wear manipulation underneath (my favourite being the bust high slimming bike short from Spanx), but it works to camouflage any midriff issues in two ways. Firstly the design from Jean Jones has ruching the whole way down the center of the dress. Great for camouflaging any wobbly tummy! Secondly it has a pattern all over which diverts the eye some what. Together these two tricks work in successfully skimming over any middle trouble. For those of us who suffer from more than just a wobbly tummy, you will need some serious ‘suck em in’ body shaper underneath to hold your tummy flatter, but it is an option if you do like the skinny dress look. You can wear this on it’s own or teamed with pants, skinny or otherwise.

The key to packing a successful wardrobe…A complete wardrobe for the apple

For the apple it is to start with the essentials. My favourite items are the kaftans, tunics & draping tops that make travel wardrobes so easy. If you can aim to pack pieces that can easily take you from day to night (with a change of a few accessories) you have a bonus! From then choose the pieces that will easily co-ordinate with these basics, such as; skinny jeans/trousers, leggings, light weight trousers (don’t forget a belt to cinch in the waist if the trousers are wider), shorts, jackets, cardis or over-tops. Then choose your jewellery & accessory options, including shoes. Remember to pack a bit of sparkle for evening, even if it is just out to dinner a bit of sparkle will never go amiss! For winter you can take the same pieces, just layer underneath with a long sleeved fitted t-shirt. These types of clothes are meant for layering!