Claire Langlands -Your  Personal Stylist

Claire Langlands

Claire Langlands

Personal Stylist and Image Consultant

Living In Style has been a dream of mine for years. In fact you could say that it has been a lifelong passion to discover all I can about fashion, style, and makeup. My bookshelves are lined with fashion magazines, not books!

I’m a professionally trained style consultant, having achieved my diploma through the Australian College of Professional Styling in 2010. My passion is to help others to understand the basic philosophy of style, fashion, image and grooming and how to put it together with a special twist all of their own. I like to call it their ‘signature look’!

My background is in the media industry, particularly the television broadcasting area. Over the years I’ve learned how important it is to give out the right image of yourself. People you meet make an assumption about you within the first few seconds of clapping eyes on you. Are you letting them see the true you or a carbon copy of someone else?

You might be hiding your beauty behind a bunch of fashion labels or frumpy, out of date clothing options. Regardless of what’s in fashion, make sure you are always portraying who you are. Don’t know who that is? Maybe it’s a good time to seek professional help.

You may have entered a new stage of life such as motherhood, a career promotion or retirement. Life changes constantly but how often does our wardrobe change?

Maybe you’re looking in your closet and wondering what on earth to wear on a regular basis. Then your clothes no longer reflect your lifestyle. Perhaps it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul.

I’m also a beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics so you get the best of both worlds when you visit with me at ‘Living In Style’. Not only can you get wardrobe and styling advice but you can also get skin care, makeovers, and plenty of beauty tips to go with your new image. You will be glowing from head to toe!

All consultations are confidential and performed in a relaxed and fun environment. It’s a chance for you to let down your hair, so to speak, and discover the new you that is waiting to be unleashed.