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If you love fashion, all things beauty or just want some inspiration on style; then you’ve come to the right place!

My name is Claire Langlands and I’m the owner of Living In Style which is an image and personal style consultancy. Part of my job is to scour the latest trends and to let you know how to wear fashion to suit your personal style.

I love to share and discuss all things fashion, style and beauty related. There are lots of different platforms that I love to share inspiration and knowledge on; why don’t you check them out!!!


Fashion and Style

For lots of inspiration, trend reports, how to wear’s, style tips and fashion knowledge, click on these links….

Living In Style -The Fashion Files; on facebook I have this magazine style page where you can read posts, see visuals and pick up great tips on anything to do with fashion and style. I love to hear from you, so make sure you get in touch, comment or message me.

@clairelanglands is my instagram handle. Here you will find lots of pics about what I’m wearing and what I’m getting up to in my fashion and style world.

Blog -For Lovers Of Fashion & Style; this is where I post articles relating to all things that cover style and beauty, as well as impart my fashion knowledge. You can engage with me and I also answer your questions.