What makeup works for summer?

This makeup look is perfect for a hot summer day with a subtle hint of colour; but come nightfall glam things up with bronze and shimmer!

Day LookGet The Day Look: when the really hot weather hits, it’s best to use products that are going to go the extra mile and not melt off as the heat rises. Keeping makeup to soft washes also means that there is less product to play ‘runaway’ with, ensuring your makeup remains natural and pretty during the day.

Skin: to heat proof your makeup, start with the Mary Kay Foundation Primer, this will help to lock your foundation in place during the day. Follow with the Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation, using the specially designed mineral powder brush. This type of foundation suits all skin types, contains SPF and is suitable for even sensitive skin. The beauty of the mineral powder is that it’s build-able from a sheer to fuller coverage. It’s also quick and easy to buff onto the skin first thing in the morning and is really durable during warmer months. If you do require a bit of extra coverage for blemishes, then conceal first with the Mary Kay Concealer, before brushing on the powder foundation.day skin

Eyes: a simple wash of a neutral shadow is all you need. Start with applying the Mary Kay Eye Primer all over your eyelids. Draw a very thin line of Mary Kay Eyeliner in deep brown, along your upper lash line. You practically want to draw the line so the tip of the pencil is tickling your lashes. Next apply a wash of very light Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour in golden vanilla all over you eyelid, then follow with Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour in hazelnut from lash line to eye crease. Drawing the eyeliner first helps to keep the eyeliner subtle, which is what we want for this particular day look. It’s really important that you do conceal under your eyes and I like to do this after I’ve applied my eye shadow, so that if you need to clean up any drop out, you can do so without removing any under eye makeup. The Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen is perfect to use in the delicate under eye area. It’s formula is creamy & sheer so will help to diffuse any under eye wrinkles. A highlighting concealer helps to lighten and brighten under your eyes making them pop. Finally swipe one layer of Mary Kay Lash Primer and then a couple of layers of Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in black, for a natural look.

day eyesFace: a soft blushing neutral is perfect to give a little bit of colour to your cheeks. Using the Blusher Brush from theday face Mary Kay brush collection, sweep a light swirl of Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Colour in sunny spice over the apples of your cheeks and lifting up to the side of your face, aiming towards the tips of your ears. This positioning ensures you have colour in the center of your cheek area, but also that your cheeks appear lifted.

day lipsLips: A pretty sheer colour is gorgeous for the day. Try Mary Kay True Dimensions Sheer Lipstick in flamenco red. Because this shade is a wash of colour, it’s the perfect red to wear during the day as it appears more of a berry tone as opposed to a pillar box red. It’s also a suitable tone for all complexions as it allows you natural lip colour to show through. The result is a balmy lip shade that nourishes and gives a ‘just bitten’ colour to your lips. Apply the lipstick first, then if you wish outline the edges of your lip line with ‘Mary Kay Lip Liner’ in neutral.

Night Look


Get The Look For Night: Play up your day makeup by adding glistening golden hues, bronzes & browns. It’s a glamorous pumped up look that can be reapplied over your already existing makeup with just a few extra touches!

Skin: Spritz with the Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray, just to refresh your foundation. If you want reapply any concealer & mineral powder foundation BUT only where you need it.night skin



Eyes: Deepen your eye makeup by adding these eye shadows over your day look. Sweep glistening gold mineral eye colour over your brow bone area. Follow this by applying rose gold mineral eye colour from lash line to crease, blending well where the two shades meet. Add Mary Kay black eyeliner over the brown from day, making sure to flick it up at the outer corners of the eye. Clean up any eye shadow drop out & reapply a Mary Kay eye cream of your choice under the eye area. Because the eye area is really delicate it’s a good idea to re-nourish it for evening. Use the Mary Kay facial highlighting pen under the eye area as well & pat it in to blend. Draw a thin line of black eyeliner over your lower lash line & blend with the slanted eyeliner brush from the Mary Kay brush collection. Take the Mary Kay lash primer & sweep this over your lashes. This re-moistens & reworks your already existing mascara. Follow with a couple of extra lashings of Mary Kay ultimate mascara in black. Finish off your eyes for night by applying the Mary Kay brow definer pencil in a colour that matches your eyebrows. Draw it on with light flicking brush strokes then blend with the eye brow brush in the Mary Kay brush collection to give a strong frame to your eyes.

night eyes

Face: Give your skin a candle light glow & a sculptured look by contouring & highlighting your face. Take the blush night facebrush from the Mary Kay brush collection & swish it through the Mary Kay bronzing powder suited to your skin tone. Suck in your cheeks & squish the blush brush to elongate the bristles. Sweep the powder along the hollow under your cheeks, right up to the top of your ear. Take a clean foundation brush & swish it in the Mary Kay highlighting powder, place this on the centre of your forehead, down the center or your nose, along your cheek bones, on your cupids bow & in the center of your chin. Finish off your look by sweeping mineral cheek colour in shy blush over your cheeks.

Lips: pump up your red lips for evening; start with the Mary Kay timewise lip primer, followed by the Mary Kay crème lipstick in really red. Outline your lips with the lip liner in neutral, to get a really precise lip line. Finish the look with Mary Kay nourish plus lip gloss in rock and red.

Want extra staying power? Finish off your makeup with a final spritz of Mary Kay makeup finishing spray to lock the look in all night!

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