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So what exactly is a personal stylist? I would love to let you know! First let me introduce myself…

I’m Claire and as a fully trained and professionally qualified personal stylist and image consultant it’s my passion to help my clients dress to play up their assets and cleverly disguise what they don’t want anyone else to see! Yes we all have assets…some of you may think not, but they are there, believe me! It’s my job to help you see them & bring them out!!

A personal stylist or image consultant is really a coach for you wardrobe. I will give you guidelines in order to dress for your body shape and the colours that suit. Then I help you to put together clothing combinations that fit your style aesthetic. If you don’t know your style aesthetic…don’t worry I can also help you find what it is!


When it comes to dressing for your body shape it’s no longer about the size that matters. The shape of your body frame is what will determine the style of clothing that will streamline your silhouette. If you have natural curves, then you need to dress in clothes that have shape designed into the cut. This will then flow over your curves in the right way, slimming you down. If you dress in shapeless garments, you actually put on the pounds rather than cover them up, as you will look bigger and bulkier.


Colour plays a huge part in dressing well. Colours that suit your complexion will help you to appear fresh, alive and looking well. They also help dark shadows and fine lines seem less obvious on your face. Colours that don’t suit actually clash with your skin tone. They will drain your face or make you appear jaundice. They will also make dark shadows and wrinkles more obvious. Learning to dress in a colour palette that suits you will add fun and interest to your wardrobe. As an image consultant, I am able to analyse your complexion and show you which colours bring out the best in your skin tone. I also show you how to incorporate these colours into your wardrobe. I always leave you with plenty of secret tips on how to make colours not in your palette work for you too!

 Over the years I have really enjoyed working with my clients. I have had the privilege of consulting with both men and women, of all ages and from all different walks in life. My biggest joy is being able to get to know each and everyone of them and being being able to share my knowledge as a personal stylist with them. My philosophy for styling is all about my client! I want to help them to discover who they are and how that translates into dressing. Whatever their style personality, body shape or colouring might be; my job is to guide them on how to wear their best and most suitable clothing, for all occasions and events of their lifestyle.

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Are you in need of a personal stylist to help sort your wardrobe out? If so, I would love the chance to work with you. I have a variety of style packages you can choose from or feel free to contact me to customise a consultation especially for you!