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I get asked all the time by my clients how to put together smart casual outfits. So I thought I would share my take on the concept! In a nutshell a smart casual outfit consists of taking a smart piece and teaming with a casual piece … just like the example here with jeans and a blazer.

Of course there is no set formula on how to mix up your smart casual outfits. It really comes down to your style and personality. You can have many smart and casual items in your complete outfit, as long as you have a least one piece that is smart and one piece that is casual.

Smart Casual outfits are great to wear out for a meal, on a date, to the movies, out and about on the weekend if you want to be more dressed up and even to casual style parties. The Smart Casual fashion concept has become a go-to way of dressing for many occasions!


blazer jeans 1
blazer jeans accessories

Accessories also make a difference when mixing up an outfit! Even if you are wearing a t-shirt with jeans, by adding a smart blazer, heels and smart bag you can dress up the outfit. 

This same outfit of jeans and t-shirt can be worn with a totally casual vibe by teaming casual shoes or sneakers, a casual jacket…even denim will do…and a casual cross body bag. 

See how easy it is to mix and match your outfits! We’ve already created two completely different outfits using a t-shirt and jeans as the base.

If you wanted to dress this particular outfit up even more, you could wear a smarter top or blouse instead of the t-shirt.

If you want to give this outfit a winter twist, tuck your jeans into knee high boots instead of the heels and add a fun scarf.

The mix and match concept of smart casual dressing means that you can have fun with your outfits, and play them up or down according to the dress code requirement.


Leather jacket baby doll dress and booties

One of the easiest ways to casual-down a dress is to team with a denim jacket. Whether the dress is fancy or more of a relaxed style, a denim jacket will give it that trendy and casual edge. Denim jackets come in other colours than blue wash, so you can really have fun with them!

denim jacket floral dress 781
little white eyelet dress with denim jacket

If you have to go somewhere with the dress code stating ‘smart-casual’, keep in mind that the outfit style required is slightly dressed up rather than casual, but not as dressed up as smart or formal. Don’t forget about your accessories either. They can add to your outfit in many ways.

Whether you are a classic dresser, more romantic or boho or perhaps rock n roll; the smart casual way of dressing can be adapted to suit whatever your style personality is!

Have fun with your dressing!!

xoxo Claire