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The Palette For Great Beauty: It All Starts With Amazing Skin

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Basically, this statement is saying that what one person considers beautiful, is different to what the next person may consider. This is ok, we all have different takes on what is attractive and are allowed to make up our own mind. What if you could look yourself in the mirror and behold beauty!


As a personal stylist I know there is beauty in everyone! We are all unique and wonderful human beings and my job is to help you discover who you are and how to express ‘you’ on the outside. Being true to yourself and allowing you to be the person you were created to be, will also give you confidence and beauty on the inside. Body shapes, face shapes and fashion trends aside, beauty is another tool we can use in our style arsenal.

The face is one of the most noticeable parts of our body. These days you can even unlock mobile phones with your face! It’s the part of your body that is focused on when someone is talking to you, it’s where we express our emotions, it’s where we look for identification. What if I could tell you that you can put your best face forward!


Your best face starts with looking after you! Your face reads what colours are attractive on you or not. Knowing the colours that suit, are essential to great makeup application. Using the correct skincare for your needs will help to give you a flawless base and a much younger and healthy complexion. How you apply your makeup and the looks you go for, express your personality.

Where do you start? Preparing the canvas! You need to firstly identify the type and condition of your skin.


Is your skin dry? Does it feel tight as soon as you’ve washed your face; do you feel you are constantly in need of moisturisation throughout the day; do lines and wrinkles seem more pronounced prior to using skin care; you may even feel it’s quite parched and has a rough texture at times or even flaky skin, you may have small pores or no visible pores at all and your skin may also apear to have a matte finish.

If you can say yes to most of these statements, then you have dry skin.

10 Top Tips For Dry Skin 2
combination skin type

Is your skin combination? Do you have dry parts to your face and more congested or even oily parts; do you suffer from lots of blackheads and even breakouts; you may even have rough, flaky patches on your skin from time to time.

If this sounds more like you then you have combination skin. Keep in mind that combination skin types can range from ‘dry combination’ to more ‘oily combination’.

Is your skin oily? Your face feels fairly normal after washing (as in there is not much tightness to the skin); are you constantly battling shine and oil control throughout the day regardless of the weather; do you constantly fight breakouts and blackheads on your skin; your skin may even feel inflamed and irritated at times and generally you skin seems to appear shiny.

If this describes your skin then you have an oily skin type.

Oily Skin
dehydrated skin


Dehydrated skin: this can happen even on oily complexions, as dehydration is about the water content of your skin and not the oil content. You may notice rough or flaky parts of your skin; this is a sure indicator that you are suffering from dehydration. There are many products that can be used to rehydrate the skin, from treatments and masks, serums and extra hydrating lotions. If you are particularly oily then look for a product specifically made for hydrating oily skin, these won’t disrupt your oily skin just help with hydrating the water content.

Sensitive Skin: you may flare up with redness or your skin may become irritated when coming into contact with certain products. Mostly perfumed, soap based or harsh, scrubbing ingredients can cause irritation on contact. Sensitivity can be found on any skin type. You also may find that some strong anti-aging ingredients can even cause irritation. Looking for products without the irritants or low dose version of some anti-aging treatments will help to eliminate inflammation. The great thing about Mary Kay products is that the majority of the range is suitable for sensitive skin. I suffer from Eczema myself and have found the Mary Kay range does not irritate or flare up my condition, it in fact helps to feed and nourish.

Sensitive skin regimen

Acne: quite often a recurring condition for oily skin, it’s all about a rash like patch of inflamed pimples. It may cover most of the face or just be in patches or parts of the face. Mary Kay has a fantastic range that helps to gently heal and clear up acne. Clearproof products can be used in conjunction with your skin care regime or the range used on it’s own as a treatment to clear up any acne breakouts. If you do suffer from blackheads and pimples, certain Clearproof products like the ‘deep cleansing charcoal mask’ and the ‘spot solution’, can be used to help with these issues.

Aging: whether you are seeking help for slight anti-aging or more advanced anti-aging there are specific products available across the whole skin type spectrum. The best solution is to switch to an anti-aging skin system for your skin care, once you notice the aging start to take place. You will get more benefits if your entire skin care from cleanser, tonner to moisturiser works hand in hand together. There are always plenty of extra anti-aging treatments you can add to your skin care from time to time to get an extra boost when needed. Most women start using an anti-aging skin care regime in their mid to late 20’s. Mary Kay has one of the best anti-aging systems; Timewise for slight to moderate aging and Timewise Repair for more advanced aging needs.

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Skin is such an amazing element of the body. Whatever condition, damage or issue you may have; can be reversed and even eliminated by using the right skin care products. The good thing about Mary Kay is that you don’t have to navigate the products on your own. A Mary Kay Consultant (like myself), will personally guide you with what is right for your skin care needs.


Follow this step by step process to get the best skin you can!

Start By Removing Eye Makeup: use MK eye makeup remover to soak a makeup pad. Hold for a few seconds over the eye area and very gently swipe down removing the eye makeup.


Remove Face Makeup: cleansing the face of makeup is a two step process. Begin by using the same eye makeup remover; soak another makeup pad and wipe over your face, paying special attention to the hairline and jawline. Using a makeup remover solution first before cleansing, helps to break down the surface of your makeup, allowing for a much better clean. This makeup remover can be used on all skin types, including sensitive and dry.

Exfoliate: At least twice a week it’s important to do a deeper exfoliation to remove dead skin cells off the surface of your face. MK Timewise Microdermabrasion uses the same crystal technology that professionals use, but in an easy to apply face scrub. Exfoliating will allow all of your other skin care products to absorb into your skin much better. After removing your makeup with the gentle remover product and before cleansing, perform an exfoliation by dotting the product around your face, wetting your hands and in gentle circular motions working the product around your face. Remove by rinsing with warm water.


Cleanse: use a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Take a small amount of cleanser and dot around your face. Using the MK Deep Cleansing Brush, dampen the bristles and then in circular motion swirl over your face for a couple of minutes, until skin is thoroughly cleaned. Rinse off with warm water. Using a specifically designed cleansing brush allows for a much deeper and better clean of your skin. If you have included the exfoliation step in your cleansing process, it’s not essential to use the cleansing brush as well.

Tone: It’s important to restore the PH balance and refresh your skin so it’s ready for the moisturising part of your skin care regime. Using MK’s Moisture Renewing Softener, will help to hydrate, calm and soften the skin. This solution is an oil free product so can be used on all skin types. If your skin is particularly oily you can use the toner form the Clear Proof acne range or the Botanical Effects range, if you prefer.


Nourish: use a serum to feed the underlayers of your skin and then follow with a moisturiser for the surface of your skin. Even if you do have oily skin it’s essential that you moisturise using a product for your skin type. You need to nourish and feed the surface of your skin, it’s not just about moisturising!

To put your best face forward why not test these steps for yourself with a FREE Skin Makeover. You can get in touch with me directly

You can find all the products mentioned in this article here.

Whoever you are, your beauty is unique, embrace it!

xoxo Claire