MK_595x150_3Would you like to sample Mary Kay?

It’s really easy to try out any of the Mary Kay products & you have choices on how to try or sample them. You can book a ‘no charge sampling appointment’ (in which you can try on any products & learn how to use them to create looks) or you can request a ‘product sample’ to be sent to you, to try out yourself.

Picture13Because you can’t buy Mary Kay at the store, your cutting out the middle man & buying directly from a certified consultant. You get a really high end beauty product, without paying the high end price tag! The bonus is that as a consultant I can help you to find the right products to suit all your skin care needs & looks that you want to create. It’s customised beauty that is personalised for you…gotta love that!

Mary Kay has a variety of products on offer & for all different age groups. Feel free to ask me about anybotanicals skin care needs & concerns. To keep your skin radiant for the under 25’s try ‘Botanical Effects’; full of all sorts of powerful packed nutrients that caters for your skin type from dry to oily. Looking for anti-aging solutions? Try Mary Kay’s ‘TimeWise’ or ‘TimeWise Plus’ ranges.

To request a sample or book a sampling appointment contact Claire; 0418 751 008 or