Apple body shapeWhat Clothes Do You Wear In Summer For The Apple Body Shape?

It’s most definitely summer once again, the hot weather has hit us in Australia & if you’re wanting to know how you can stay cool whilst flattering the gorgeous curves of your apple body shape, then you’ve come to the right spot!

You want to make sure that you have shape in all your clothing. Don’t make the mistake ofApple_KaftanPants big, baggy, boxy, shapeless t-shirts; they won’t disguise your apple body, just make you look frumpy. Instead look for clothes that drape, wrap, ruche & skim your body in a flattering way. Having shape in your clothing is really important & a little tailoring does not equate to clingy, form fitting clothes; so don’t worry. Downsize your midriff with these fun outfit ideas!

A Kaftan Is A Go To Piece For Summer:

Apple_KaftanJeansStunning, drapey & oh so comfortable, the kaftan is a key piece for any apple’s out there. Most kaftans are made from pretty, silky & floating fabric. They hang Apple_KaftanLegging2beautifully on a fuller figure & skim over your rounded curves. Rather than hanging in a baggy & boxy fashion, they wrap around your body in a loving way. I like to wear my kaftans over skinny jeans/trousers, Pilates style pants, leggings or skinny leg shorts. The thing to take into account here is balance. Firstly, if your top is fuller & floating, you need to keep the bottom half of you slim. So pairing trouser/shorts that are in skinny leg styles or slim straight styles is the perfect accompaniment to your kaftan top. Secondly, you need to consider the length of your kaftan. If it’s a shorter top style, you can pair this with shorts or jeans/trousers. If it’s a longer tunic or dress version, you can pair with leggings or jean/trousers BUT my advice Apple_KaftanShortswould be not to pair this length with shorts.

An A-line Dress Will Be Your Saving Grace:

Apple_Dress3On a really hot day when you want to keep the layers to a minimum, a dress that gently A-lines is going to be the perfect wardrobe choice. You will have a top half that has simple tailoring & where it starts to flare out at the waist, is the exact spot you want to skim over any tummy issue. Team your dress with some fabulous Apple_Dress4sandals for day or a fun pair of wedges for night. I love to wear my A-line dress with a fitted denim vest over the top & another great idea is a short sleeved shrug to cover any flabby upper arms. These types of dress can be found in casual style or a dressed up style. When teaming a jacket over the top, look for something that has plenty of tailoring, so that it can create more shape to your top half. If you find an A-line dress that is quite full in width, one really easy way to bring a bit more shape into the mix is to wear a thin tie belt or ribbon belt around your waist. You want the belt to sit on your natural waistline so that it Apple_tank3cinches you in slightly.

A Skimming Cami Top Or Tank Is Great For Layering:

Apple_tank2A-line is another key word for the best cami or tank top for an apple. They have enough shape so that you’re not in a baggy, shapeless top & have skimming where you need it. They can be teamed with any jeans, trouser or shorts of your choice. Keep in mind though that the fuller the top is, the slimmer your bottom half needs to be. A straight, pencil style skirt can also be Apple_tank1another option worn with this type of top & gives you a more dressed up outfit style as well. Adding a fitted short sleeved jacket, shrug or denim vest can help with covering upper arms if you wish. Another way to wear your cami/tank top, is to add a kimono style jacket. This is such a great outfit for an evening out, paired with jeans & some fab heels!

Swimwear For A Curvy Midriff:

Apple_swimsuitThis can be a really tricky one to get right, as it’s hard to have a floating, Apple_Swimsuit7draping swimsuit! There are plenty of swimsuit choices that have in built shape wear though, especially around the midsection. This can help to pull you in slightly to make it less obvious you have a tummy. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny for these types of swimwear, they don’t come cheap. If you look after them & follow the care advice, they will last a long time. Again a swimsuit with design details such as wrapping & ruching will help to disguise any flabby bits. It’s also great to choose a fabric that has a pattern rather than a solid colour, as this will break up the expanse of your midsection. There are many options to choose from; a one piece that has flattering design elements & built in shape wear to smoApple swimsuits compilationoth over your tummy, a tankini that skims the Yellow and white apple swimwearstomach with board shorts or bikini briefs & even a skirted swimsuit or a skirtini over your one piece. If you want extra suction, you can get shape wear that’s made for swimming, which you can wear under any swimsuit. When you aren’t  in the water, invest in a gorgeous kaftan or beach cover up, to throw over the top. Not only will you have extra protection from the sun, but will look glamorous too!

Think of your apple body shape as deliciously  gorgeous & sumptuously curvaceous!