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This look is all about a soft, glimmering neutral makeup. Its subtle enough to be natural, yet pretty enough to be worn for a party look. It’s the perfect all year round face; sultry for summer & glowing for winter! You can change up this look to suit the occasion or your style. Following are the instructions on how to create this makeup. To make it really fitting for your complexion, identify if you suit warm or cool colours & choose makeup in either cool or warm tones to complement your skin colouring.



GlowMakeup step1

Step 1: Prep Your Face

Cleanse & moisturise skin, prep with face primer & eye primer, conceal any skin blemishes if necessary & apply a mineral powder foundation. If you prefer to use a liquid foundation use a CC cream; conceal after applying foundation & finish with a dusting of pressed or loose powder. Mineral powder foundations are perfect for summer because they last longer & don’t sweet off so easily as liquid ones. Even if you have dry skin mineral powders work because they are buffed into your skin & won’t dry you out. If you like to contour your face keep it soft & light handed, though it’s not a neccessary step. Apply contour on your temples & forehead, then underneath your cheek bones. Highlight along the top of your cheek bones with a low shimmer product.


GlowMakeup ste21

Step 2: Do Your Eyes

Start by applying a shimmer  eye shadow on your eye lid, from lash line to eye crease. If you are warm toned use a golden or bronze shadow, if you are cool toned use silver or pewter shadow. Apply a very light highlighting colour on your brow bone area (opt for shimmer or matte), then apply the same colour on the inner corners of your eyes. If the skin on your brow bone area is beginning to crêpe don’t apply any shadow here. Clean up the shadow that’s dropped under your eye area, then use a highlighting concealer under the eye & blend with ring finger. Lightly dot/feather a brown or grey eyeliner between your upper lashes; blend to give a soft smudgy finish. Apply liner on the lower lash line, smudge also. Finish the eyes by first applying lash primer then mascara on top & bottom lashes. Finally fill in your brows.


GlowMakeup finished 2

Step 3: Finish Your Face

Apply blusher in a soft peachy colour if your skin is warm toned & a soft pink colour if it’s cool toned.  Sweep the blusher brush from the apples of your cheeks right up to the tip of your ear. This gives a really nice lifting sculpt to your cheek bones. Go over the blush in a circular motion with the brush to blend & soften the blusher. Pick a lip colour that you love. You can opt for a neutral colour, a pinky/peachy tone or a soft berry shade. Don’t go too dark or bright; to keep this look pretty opt for a light to medium shade. Line around the natural lip line after applying lipstick for a polished look. You can add a lip gloss over your lipstick for extra shine if you like. Finish your look with a spritz of makeup finishing spray to set everything in place & give longevitiy to your makeup.


GlowMakeup step4

Step 4: Play Up For Night

Retouch any makeup by spritzing with the makeup spray to freshen face, conceal areas that need covering & finish with your mineral powder foundation. Choose a deeper or brighter shade of blush (still sticking with a warm or cool palette depending on skin tone). Reline your eyes in black liner,  flicking the liner up at the outer corners, then apply lash base to eyelashes (to remoisten existing mascara), followed by serveral coatings of a thickening & lengthening mascara. Change your lipstick colour by opting for a brighter or darker lip shade. Apply a lip primer first to help hold the lipstick in place. Put the lipstick on, then the lip liner to give a really defined lip. Lip gloss can then be applied on top if you’d like. Give a final spritz of makeup finishing spray to set your night look in place.

GlowMakeup title

Products Used In This Look By Mary Kay Cosmetics

Face: Foundation Primer, Mineral Powder Foundation or CC Cream Foundation, Undereye Corrector, Perfecting Concealer & Makeup Finishing Spray.

Eyes: Mineral Eye Colour; Antique Rose (warm tone),  Granite (cool tone), Crystaline (highlighting), Eyeliner; Deep Brown (warm), Steely (cool), Black (night), Lash Primer, Love Lash Mascara (day), Lash Intensity (night)

Cheeks: Shy Blush (warm tone), Cherry Blossom (cool tone)

Lips: True Dimensions Lipstick for day in; first blush (warm), natural beaute (neutral) or rosette (cool); Gel Semi-matte Lipstick for night in; Powerful Pink (cool), Poppy Please (warm), Midnight Red (neutral) or Crushed Berry (cool).