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What Swimwear Suits A Curvy Body Shape?

Just like clothing it isn’t about the size but it’s about the shape of the garment and the same principal applies when choosing a swimsuit. Even the most curviest and voluptues shape can find a flattering swimsuit.

Firstly it’s important to figure out your bodyshape; then it’s about working out what you want to cover and what you want to show off. Even in skin tight lycra you can play up your assests!!!

MOST IMPORTANTLY learn to love the body you have! While we can do something about trimming oursleves down…your shape will be the same regardless of your size. Your shape is determined by the frame/structure of your body and whether you are a slimmer version or a larger version, the same rules apply for dressing your shape. At the end of the day lets raise a glass to being #bodypositive, you are a woman, you’re supposed to have curves!

How To Cover Your Stomach In A Swimsuit (apple body shape)

If a stomach is your biggest issue then look for swimsuits that are going to drape over the tummy area in a flattering way.

I personally fit into this category being an apple body shape and I have just recently discovered the skirted swimsuit. This particular style is a one piece that has a little ruching over the bodice, includes built in tummy control and a skirted frill that starts at the hip area. Why this works, is because the ruching and tummy control help to smooth the upper abdomen and the skirted part falls from the hip area, flicking out over the stomach and concealling it. Think of this as a sexy, vintage, bombshell style of swimsuit!

Any swimwear that has ruching, gathering, folds, twists, frills, interesting patterns and just wraps lovingly around your body is going to work well. Choose from a one piece, tankini or a skirted/dress style of swimsuit. If you do have a rather protruding stomach like I do, try the skirted swimsuit or look for swimwear that has extra strong hold in-built shaping.


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How To Flatter Your Bottom In A Swimsuit (pear body shape)

If it’s your bottom that you want to flatter in a swimsuit, opt for styles that incase your luscious behind in good form and structure!

Generally this type of body shape is bigger on the bottom half and smaller on the top half. If you do happen to have a generous bust as well, then make sure to read the section below that will give guidance to finding swimsuits for a busty body.

If you do have a generous bottom half one of the best things you can do is to wear a low to medium cut leg style for your swimwear. Choose a one piece or a two piece, but make sure there is plenty of structural design in the swimwear to encase you luscious curves. A two piece bikini that has a full brief style bottom is going to make sure you are covered and comfortable and a bikini top that has extra padding will help to boost your bust. Don’t be afraid to opt for fun colours and patterns.

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How To Enhance a Large Bust In Swimwear (hourglass body shape)

If you are large busted choosing a swimsuit that is going to flatter your curves is important. Look for something that is going to wrap and highlight your assests, then skim over anything else.

Design and shape in your swimwear is going to make a big difference to the fit. Generally when you are big busted you usually have generous hips and a waist that goes in and out like an hourglass. You may have a bit of flab you would like to play down, but the key to great swimwear is choosing a design that is going to flatter all your curves.

You can opt for a bikini style or a one piece, whatever you feel comfortable in. If you do have a geneourous bottom half as well, choose a fuller brief style bikini bottom. Bikini tops that have good structure to them are going to hold in your bust and give you support, the same goes for a one piece style. Don’t go for a high neck swimsuit style, a lower neckline is going to open up the declotage area in a flattering way.

If you do have a bit of flab around the stomach ruching is going to help to disguise this. Choose swimwear in fun colours and patterns and take glamour to the next level.

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Whatever your body shape there is a swimsuit for you that’s going to flatter and glam you up while covering and supporting the areas that need it.

Love your curves! The key to finding a swimsuit that flatters is all about the design. Know what works for your body and the tricks to cover and enhance!

If you need help to dress your body shape be it for swimwear or clothes, then check out my style consultations

Be fabulous this summer!!          xoxo Claire

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