Hi, welcome to my ‘Fashion File’!
What is style and how do you live it (considering that this blog is titled ‘living in style’)? Well, I’m of the belief that ‘fashion is what you are given and style is what you choose!’ As a personal stylist it’s my job to help people discover their outer beauty by bringing out their inner beauty.
There’s lots of fashion options to choose from out there; so how do you choose the right ones for you? Firstly you have to know the basics (body shape, colour, style personality…just to name a few), then build on those basics with your signature look. It has to be one of my greatest joys working with clients to help them figure out what to wear and how to truly be who they are meant to be. Then seeing them discover that it’s more than ok to just be them.
I came across this great quote the other day from Dr Seuss of all people. “Today you are you, that is truer than true” What a fabulous way to say you are perfect, just the way you are! My philosophy is always about helping people to be the best that they can be, and for most of my clients it just takes a little tweaking and encouragement to be even more perfect than perfect itself!
Anyway, more on the specific details of styling a little later, firstly I’d like to share with you my observations of what is on-trend for autumn/winter 2010.
We have a whole smorgasbord of looks and colours…isn’t that a nice change!
You can emerge yourself in a bygone area with the female dandy, military fashion and the cape.
Go Grecian with the one shoulder dress or top (yes we have seen this during summer but it’s set to continue through our autumn/winter too) and reminisce with the 80’s and 90’s in ripped jeans, torn stockings, see through clothing and the detailed shoulder.
Another hot item this season that has its roots from the past, is the over the knee boot.
There’s plenty of leather (not just bags and shoes it’s in all kinds of clothing from skirts to tops), lace, ruffles and draping for the romantic dresser, as well as studs and denim on denim for those more hardcore (yes you did hear me right DENIM WITH DENIM…umm?).
Chunky knits are also in, along with animal print, which is showing up in plenty of accessories too. Speaking of accessories, other major items I’ve noticed are statement jewellery, chains & charms and cocktail rings.
Now that you know what’s in, how do you wear it?
Stay tuned, that’s coming in the next blog!
( all fashion photographs are from ‘fashionising.com’)