I am always asked by my clients, ‘do shoes matter’? The answer is yes!Shoe Selection

Just like clothes there are styles of shoes that help to balance out your body shape. There are however certain ones that work for most people & are fabulous all rounders when it comes to style. Here is a list of must have shoes, every women should own.

Ballet flatTHE BALLET FLATBallet flats with outfits

My number one favourite shoe is the ballet flat. They come in a variety of styles & are great when you want to wear a flat shoe. They can be worn with trousers, jeans, short, skirts & dresses. The reason is (and why they suit everyone), that they have a long opening in the top of the shoe, which helps to elongate your leg. Most other styles of flat shoes have a higher opening, cutting your foot off at the ankle, which visually shortens your leg length. Because of this fact, most flat shoes can make you look squat, especially if you are wearing a dress or a skirt. But the wonderful ballet flat doesn’t have this effect so much. The other redeeming factor is that they are generally rounded & feminine in shape, which equates well with a dress or skirt. Ballet flats can be plain, colourful, printed, embellished, casual, evening oriented or just smart.

WedgeTHE WEDGEWedge boot

This is the type of heel that is the most comfortable. You can get any height of heel with this shoe style & because the shape is solid from heel to toe you get much more support. What I love about this shoe type is that there are heaps of options; court shoes, espadrille styles, sandals, peep toe, Mary Jane’s, casual or evening styles & even boots. You can wear this shoe for casual or with more smarter outfits, as there is a type that will fit in with different occasions. The wedge comes in either a platform style,  giving the shoe a chunkier look or rounded with more of a classic, feminine edge. What you get is height without the added uncomfortableness that comes with other high heel types.

block heelTHE SQUARE/BLOCK HEELblock heel cas

Great alternative to the wedge (if that really isn’t for you OR can’t find a style suitable for outfit/occasion), as it has a thicker more of a stack heel, so therefor much more sturdier on foot. Again these heels can be found in a variety of heights (as well as being slightly built up at the front) & also styles, including both dressed up or more casual sorts. You want to look for a rounded toe & neat, curvier style, rather than a really chunky version.

yellow shoesblue shoesShoes are great accessories for playing up your style personality. Use your shoes to display your fashion identity! Haven’t discovered what that is yet? Book in for one of my ‘Style Overhaul’ sessions to find out. This is where you will learn how to dress to suit your body shape, put together outfits to display your style personality & make your closet work for you, not against you. Click on the link below for more information on the style service I have to offer.