If you aren’t in Perth, WA  or don’t have much time, you can still book in a Style Overhaul or Colour Analysis via my online fashion consultation service.


What’s required for an Online Style Transformation?

  • I’ll need a couple of full body photos in swimmer or leggings & tank to be able to determine your body shape. One photo straight on & one photo side on.
  • A close up photo of your face, with hair pulled off face, to determine your face shape.

You will receive a personalised Style Report containing information on how to dress for your body shape & how to put together outfits to reflect your style personality.

What’s required for an Online Colour Analysis?

  • You’ll receive a basic questionnaire to fill out.
  • I’ll need a close up photo of your face without makeup & hair pulled of face. This enables me to determine your facial features & face shape that helps indicate your colour groupings. The photo needs to be taken in natural light, with the sunlight face on so as to reduce any shadows or darkness on your face. Please don’t wear any high necklines such as a skivvy, turtle neck or roll neck.
  • I’ll need a mid shot photo from your chest up, hair natural around your face, with no makeup. Again this needs to be taken in natural light, with the sunlight face on.
You will receive a Colour Report containing information on the correct colours to compliment your skin tone and how to wear the right colours in your wardrobe. Another important part of the package is a colour swatch representing the best colours to suit you. In addition there will be some great info on how to put together a makeup palette in suitable tones.

skypeShould you wish I can we can also chat via Skype, so I can get to know you & be able to determine style points. Don’t have Skype? Find out how to get it.

 Contact me for more details. I’d love to hear from you.